"Shoes made with the Dancer in mind."
A sampling of what dancers, parents and teachers are saying
about the Corr's Reel Champion™
"All in all these shoes you make are the best I have ever worn, and believe me I have worn them all at one time or another...They fit great and have so since the first day I started wearing them.  I have won the last five championships in a row that I  have entered in, counting the Oireachtas, and got sixth in the nationals in Nashville this year, wearing them.  I have gotten a lot of compliments on how loud and distinct the heel clicks are, and how loud I dance now in general. They are very secure on my feet; I am not worried anymore about my reel shoes falling off as I have had happen before." - R. Tew (Austin, TX)
"...I like the sound of the heels a lot...The shoe is really supportive, I like the fact that when I come down from a jump I don't feel a heavy impact with the floor. I also like the fact that I won't have to worry about my heel slipping off because it has [straps] like hard shoes. The leather is really flexible as well, and I don't think I've ever felt this comfortable in a pair of dance shoes!!! When I point in the reel champion I get a very good point right out of the box, looks great..." - J. Grimes (Rochester, NH)
"... I have been using both pairs of shoes, men's reel and hard, which I purchased at the New England Oireachtas. They are a pleasure to dance in. They fit me as if they had been made for me and it's more like wearing gloves. With my previous shoes, it was unquestionably a feeling of wearing a pair of shoes. With these it is like wearing gloves. I am extremely pleased with the feel and the consistency of sound I get when using these shoes. Thank you for the time you spent with me and thank you for a fine product." - M. Gutis (Newington, CT)
"This is just a little note to tell you that we received our shipment of shoes [Reel Champion and Champion] yesterday ... they are really beautiful shoes [-] so much so that my son insisted on putting them on to practice in even though he is not feeling well at the moment ... He is absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you very much for everything and I will let you know how he gets on with them in the All Irelands ..."
- T. Prendergast (Limerick, Ireland)
"I just wanted to get you some feedback on the Reel Champion shoe. Last Saturday I danced in competition using the Reel Champion shoe for the first time. During my first figure, coming down on a very vigorous and high impact jump, I rolled my right ankle. Had I been wearing my former reel shoe (a classic, zero-support style), I would almost certainly have been forced to stop, probably for the entire feis. But the support provided by the Reel Champion shoe turned what would have been a "feis stopper" into a minor incident. I completed the dance, and followed in rapid succession with a three- and an eight-hand, without significant pain and with no impairment at all. One of my long-running complaints about reel shoes is ankle rolls. I have experienced several while wearing my other reel shoes, and they always involve some modest injury and recovery. But the Corr's Reel Champion shoe has, I suspect, solved that problem for good. I love the shoe. It's a huge improvement. Thanks for your help getting me in the right fit."  -C. Donnelly  (San Francisco, CA)
"Just thought I would let you know that my son loves them and they were worth the wait. The other boys in his advance class and the teachers really liked the way the shoes looked on the feet. Thanks again."
- G. Heaney (Spokane, WA)