"Shoes made with the Dancer in mind."
A sampling of what dancers, parents and teachers are saying about Corr's ghillies:
"Hello Corr's! I just wanted to say thank you! I got my order today in the mail --- that was so fast! And, the order is perfect! The soft shoes [split-sole ghillies] fit "like a glove" and look absolutely beautiful!"
 - E. Fox (Brentwood, TN)
"Dear Sir/Madam, I just wanted to thank you for providing us, the customers, with a wonderful opportunity to buy "Corr's 'Champion' Split-Sole Ghillie" ... I have already tried many shoes and I am truly convinced that yours are the best! None of the other shoe manufacturers offers such a wonderful shoe! Many people in my dancing school wear Corr's shoes and they find these are irreplaceable -the leather is so soft that they mould into our foot shape almost immediately. The inside padding is also amazing. Although I have been using intensively Champion Ghillie for a year, they haven't become floppy at all. Once again many thanks for producing them and be sure I will recommend your shoes to all people here in Poland and in my international dance school in Austria." - D. Smolen
"Just had to tell you that my daughter LOVES the new split-sole ghillie and they fit her perfectly. The ball of her foot doesn't hurt anymore AND she can get up on her toes higher. They are fabulous. No other ghillie has leather so soft and flexible and the toe box is very comfortable without being bulky." - C. Beswick (Stanford, CA)
"They are a hit!! [She]'s been dancing in them for some time now today - she says they are "perfect"... She reports that the padding is "super great" and the leather is very soft, and that nothing is rubbing on her toes or heels to cause blistering. We used the extra eyelet for lacing, so they're very snug around the heel and ankle area, which is really nice. Her arch and point looks beautiful - the split sole and split padding make the arch so pronounced and graceful looking!" - A. Murray (Portsmouth, VA)
"WOW! the shoes arrived today, that's what I call service. My daughter and I were thrilled with the shoes [split-sole ghillies], the fit and shape of the shoe is second to none. My daughter said it was the most comfortable pair of shoes she had ever worn ... I cannot stress enough how delighted I am to have made contact with a company who offers such a high level of personal, professional, friendly, helpful and efficient service. Not only that but you sell the best shoes in the world! What more could anyone ask?" - L. Boulter (Bristol, AVN - Great Britain)
“I must commend all of you at Corr’s on your very personal, attentive, and rapid service … The 6’s were received yesterday, my daughter put them on and they fit her perfectly. She said they are as comfortable as bedroom slippers … she wore them to class and loves them. And, her feet look lovely in them … The split sole [ghillie] molds so well to her feet that the feet appear to be more arched now.”
– I. Rogoff-Barnes (Alpharetta, GA)
"How nice of you to respond personally to my suggestion! I had been intrigued with your company and shoe products since coming across them on the internet a year ago, and finally this fall had a chance to purchase the Champion ghillies for my daughter. She really loves them, liking not only the great padding, but their fit and traditional look. Two of her friends have now purchased them as well. Thanks again for a fine shoe!" - A. Joyce (Hilliard, OH)
"My daughter LOVES the gillies. The Performance gillies feel like they are molded to her arch and she is very excited about the "split" style and cannot wait to try them out! They are wonderfully comfortable and soft! They appear well stitched and the leather is strong but supple; and they should wear like a dream . Thank you very much for your time and assistance. And did I mention, I LOVE THESE SHOES!"- A. Barker (Portland, ME)
"...bought a pair of your Performance soft shoes today ... I was so excited that I wore my shoes all the 3 hours home ... The first time I put them on at the feis and did my jumps, I thought they felt really cool. We enjoyed meeting you and you give great service. Thank you!" 
 - B. Smoker (Honey Brook, PA)
"...I want to say that the design of the shoes is *fabulous*--anyone who can come up with comfortable hard shoes and a ghillie that actually allows you to show your arch...well, that person has my vote. Even my mom, who has not had to deal with a light shoe for about a decade, said 'Oh, they make your feet look like a picture!'" - H.Donnelly (Thousand Oaks, CA)
"We received the 5.5 split soles yesterday. They fit. Thank you. Erin danced in them last night. She loved them. She said the cushioning made a huge difference in the comfort of an old injury." - P. Ennis (Baldwin, NY) “... your [Performance soft] shoes are really beautiful and you have the very best customer service I have ever encountered! Thanks again for all of your help.”
- S. McGovern (Dayton, OH)
"The Corr's ghillies I received are definitely the best pair of dance shoes I have worked with! The soft sole makes it much easier to point my toes. The increased flexibility I have in these ghillies due to the soles and the material of the shoe, as compared to other ghillies I have owned, has made it easier to stretch with my shoes on and has stopped the pain I would occasionally get in my previous ghillies. Additionally, I like the [padding] that was inserted in the bottom of the shoe. The first time I wore the ghillies, the pad[ding] was welcomed generously by my feet. Since then, the pad[ding] has conformed to my foot, creating a raised area at my arches and an indented area around my toes, supporting my foot to fullest potential." - B. Braun (Aurora, CO)
I got my [Pro-Excel] ghillies Monday. Haven't had a chance before now to email you. They are awesome ... I put them on and walked around the house for a while and they molded to my feet ... Really cool! Thanks again for all your help!" - S. Stowell (Lawrenceville, GA)
"Received my Pro-Excel Ghillies today in the mail. I wore them in dance class tonight. They feel great on my feet! The padding helps the tender balls of my feet. Thanks.....Can't wait for my jig shoes."
- V. Adair (Grand Junction, CO)
“Thank you so much … I do hope you keep making the Economy Ghillies – they are wonderful! My students are very excited and the parents are thrilled! You are a great company with quality products and I am so glad that I am able to order from such wonderful people!! Thanks for everything!!!!!!” – C. Cafasso (Celtic Heels - Red Hook, NY)