"Shoes made with the Dancer in mind."
A sampling of what dancers, parents and teachers are saying
about the Corr's Champion™ Split-Sole Hard Shoe
"Just a note to let you know that we received [my daughter's] new Split-Sole Champion Hard Shoes. [My daughter] had spent considerable time researching different companies, styles, etc. before settling on Corr's Split-Sole Champions. We read the comment section and thought well that is nice they put the complimentary remarks up. I need to apologize for my attitude towards the comment sections. [My daughter] tried the shoes on as soon as she returned home from school for the evening ... She put the shoes on, her face lit up and she started to dance around the room. She was able to get en Pointe immediately and couldn't believe how wonderful they felt, how loud they are and the support they have. Good Job to all involved in the creation of these GREAT shoes. Thanks for all your help!" - D. Munson (Cedar Rapids , IA)
"It has been one and a half years since my daughter switched to your hard shoes. We came to you at Nationals asking what made your shoes different from the other brands. You took the time to explain the make up of the shoe never once questioning my somewhat aggressive questions. My problem was that my daughter had been referred to an orthopedic surgeon two days before Nationals by our local emergency room. The reason? Her toes on both feet were jammed and it was painful for her to walk much less dance. We decided to try your shoes immediately knowing that we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Yes, she wore the shoes in competition the very next day. Did she place? No, she did not, but she was able to walk off the stage and return to do a lovely soft shoe. In my mind, she had won. Ever since that time, she has worn your hard shoes and has beaten some of them up rather badly from a lot of use. She has not been to the surgeon nor the hospital for any foot problems since she has switched. So.... every time that I see you, I will quickly buss your cheek in thanks. My daughter now feels confident doing her toe stands and walks."- E. Blum (Stamford, CT)
"Hi, I just wanted to let know how much my seven year old has enjoyed her new shoes. Her [other brand] left her feet with rub marks and blisters sometimes with in thirty minutes of practicing. She practiced for over two hours (her doing not mine!!!!) without a mark on her feet. They have made a huge difference in her willingness to practice!!! She is thrilled with the sound she can make with them- I have to admit it can be a bit overwhelming at home on our hardwood floors!!!! I thought you'd like to know that you have made a big difference for my little girl! Thank you" - B. Coppersmith (Nashville, TN) "Recently we began shopping for new hard shoes as her new steps include toe stands, and her current shoes just didn't have the room and flexibility to allow her foot to go up on toe properly no matter how we worked at them! We tried several other brands as well, but they just didn't fit quite right. I finally decided to order the Champion Split-sole Hard shoes from your company, and they fit her foot beautifully, with the support and flexibility combination that she needed. I am most impressed as well with the quality of the leather, and with the amount of sound she is now able to produce! Thanks again for a fine shoe!" - A. Joyce (Hilliard, OH)
"The shoes arrived. I can't say how much my son loves them. He has been recovering from an injury to his leg and finally got to dance in them today. I can't tell you how very pleased he is with them. The sound is great and the way they feel on his feet is fantastic. No need to break them in to get a good arch!!!!!! I can put away the Neets Foot Oil. No need for it with these shoes. He has to wear orthotics in his street shoes and the extra support the metal shank gives his arches is greatly appreciated and much needed. It will help to prevent further injury to his legs. Thank you. I have to compliment you on such a well made and finely designed shoe. We are looking forward to getting a pair of the new boys reel shoes in the near future. I don't think my son will ever dance in any other shoes but Corr's." - K. Nolan (Coram, NY)
"This is just a little note to tell you that we received our shipment of shoes [Reel Champion and Champion] yesterday ... they are really beautiful shoes [-] so much so that my son insisted on putting them on to practice in even though he is not feeling well at the moment ... He is absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you very much for everything and I will let you know how he gets on with them in the All Irelands ..."
- T. Prendergast (Limerick, Ireland)
"The 4.0's arrived yesterday and work perfectly. My daughter was already dancing in them last night without the normal "break-in" frustrations - and even without me asking her to practice! ... you've helped enormously in her preparation for the Nationals! I'm sure we'll be back in touch when she needs the 4.5's. Thanks again."
- M. King-Gorwky (San Francisco, CA)
"The shoes have arrived today! Thank you very much. I tried them on and they fit superbly. I have a pair of [other brand] and dancing in them is like killing my feet. But your champions are super comfy!! The placement of the tips is brilliant...That makes it a lot more healthy to dance in them."
- D. Dross (Germany)
"It is my first time ordering Corr's shoes and the communication is great." "Got your Champion shoes. Love them ... So easy to break in for dancers with foot and ankle problems!"
- C. Schroeder, TCRG
  (Bethlehem, PA)
"I have been wanting to e-mail you for days now ... I wanted to tell you that [my daughter] loves her shoes they are wonderful! Her classmates were amazed that she could go on toes the very first day wearing them. I am sure you will hear from more students ... thank you again!" - S. McKeown (Alta Loma, CA) "She came home from school ... put them on and went right to the garage ... After 10 minutes ... she came in and said she loved them, comfort was great and she was right up on point. They fit like a glove ... just wanted to thank you."
- D. Campbell (Ontario, Canada)
"Thank you SOOOO much for the outstanding service! My daughter LOVES the hard shoes. She was able to get on pointe immediately, with her knees together and straight (that's new for her). They are so comfortable, that she was able to wear them for hours on Tuesday night without any problems. Congratulations on your exceptional product and service!" - C. Martinez (Camarillo, CA)
"Thank you so much for sending my new shoes via FedEx. They are amazing! They were completely worth the wait. I have been dealing with some foot problems and your shoes have really helped. I am looking forward to wearing them at Nationals. My teacher really likes the sound and is planning on ordering some for her son. Thank you again. You were so helpful and courteous to me." - A. McMillan (Sherman Oaks, CA) "Hello! I purchased a pair of Corr's ‘Champion’ split-soled hard shoes in December, and was immediately impressed. They are extraordinarily comfortable, and I haven’t had a single blister, which is something I’ve always dealt with. They are very loud, and also drastically improved my toe stands. Most of the girls in my dance class have switched to Corr's for these very reasons." - J. Bleth (McDonough, GA)
"...yesterday evening I took a long hard look at the construction of the shoes ... and their differences in comparison to the [other brand] shoes I once wore. I am still amazed at all the attention to the slightest details that have been paid by you in the shoes creation as well as to the ever changing needs of Irish Dancers. I feel that you have developed a product that is truly a step above the rest ..." - J. Schwarz (Mahwah, NJ)
"THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I competed in the Under 15 boys category at the 2003 North American Irish Dance Championships and I was freaking out because I had NO good hard shoes! I needed a new pair! I got Corr's the DAY BEFORE I danced and they were UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thank you very very much!" - K. Hatfield (Fullerton, CA)